Chase Street A&E in the News! #WeAreBaltimore

Chase Street A&E in the News! #WeAreBaltimore

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving has recently enjoyed some press coverage during our efforts to support the Baltimore City community, which culminated today in a complete Washington Post profile of the shop. The profile highlights our reaction to negative press against the city, and our success in raising funds to support a good cause.

On July 27, 2019, President Trump publicly tweeted that Baltimore City was a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess." Chase Street A&E created an original design in response that experienced significant media coverage and popularity. The New Yorker highlighted Chase Street A&E in the first paragraph of its coverage of the tweet, and Radio Canada stopped by the showroom to film a French-language news clip, including an interview with our "président-directeur général," Robbie.

After the success of the original design, we wanted to create a new message that would outlast the coverage of this particular event. In that vein, we designed our "Rat-Invested Baltimore" original line, which is our way of saying that despite any problems the city may have we're digging in our heels and striving to make it better.

For the month of August, 10% of the sales from these designs will be donated to Mentoring Mentors.

We have an additional top-secret project in the works for which we hope to establish a similar contribution to the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore. More to come soon!


How do we order the mug?

How do I order one of these mugs?? I live in a suburb of Detroit and want to support your cause!

Perfect! Baltimore is a great city.

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