Conference Swag

Conference Swag

More and more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which means conferences (and social interaction) are returning--finally! What's a conference without swag for your guests? Honestly, not a very exciting one, because who doesn't love free stuff? We want to help you thank your attendees for joining you with branded hats, tote bags, pens, face masks, and so much more.


Need to buy in large quantities but operating on a budget? We can manufacture a prototype in-house in our workshop, then help you outsource to our network of socially-conscious vendors so that you get the most cost-effective option. Check out the variety of options available at Chase Street Promotions!


It's important to make your guests feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated for attending your event. Or you may need some swag to auction off for a fundraiser! The attendees are thanking you for your time and effort in planning by joining in the event and supporting you, so how will you return the thanks?


Maybe you'd like to spice up your décor at the event and use a plaque that directs guests where to go or what to do. Or possibly acrylic signage is calling your name as an easy way to let guests know the Wi-Fi password. Some COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, so you may need 6-feet apart markers for your guests to safely attend your conference.


As for parting gifts to give your guests, a branded pin would not only be fun for them but also some free advertising for you every time they where it on their shirt or bag! Or imagine them walking around with your branded totes… even better! Leave them feeling extra special with a vegan leather card sleeve. And encourage them to continue making safe choices during COVID with your branded face masks.


We can even create some inside-joke branding materials, such as this tongue-in-cheek design we created of Baltimore Police Department's Foxtrot helicopter. We picked out magnets, stickers, t-shirts, and awesome square mugs. All wonderful choices! What piques your fancy?


Ultimately, we want to help you make sure your guests feel appreciated. In thinking about what to give out at your conference, ask yourself questions like: who is my audience? What gifts would they engage with most, and therefore, bring the most customer satisfaction and company advertising? What is the most appropriate gift for this event?


Once you've narrowed down your ideas, and send us a message to work with us in planning your conference swag. Happy conferencing!

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