Happy (?) Holidays!

Happy (?) Holidays!

We know the holidays are a little different this year, and it may be difficult for some to ring in the new year with the same enthusiasm as usual. We’re doing our best this year to spread a little more joy by supporting local markets and events. We've also done our best to brighten our street with festive lighting.

It has been a difficult year for everyone and celebrating may feel peculiar right now. You may not even feel like celebrating, and that is okay too. You’re probably planning Zoom calls with loved ones, coordinating recipes to compare only over those calls, and trying to schedule deliveries from presents to groceries. It can get complicated and stressful.

If you're not co-located with family and friends this year (and we sincerely support the decision to protect your safety) we're happy to help with shipping options. However, please be aware that USPS is experiencing "unprecedented delays" so we've switched to UPS for the remainder of 2020. Even with this change, we can't guarantee a particular date of arrival for any gift. We're happy to send an email to the giftee letting them know that something special is on the way, though!

If you find yourself needing to grab a unique Baltimore gift, check out our Original Design section! We’re currently offering 20% off these items with discount code ORIGINALS20 (Coronavirus-related items and AIDS Walk fundraiser not included). Stop by our showroom or give us a call to see what we have in stock for last-minute gifts. They won’t last long, just like the rest of 2020 (thankfully).

We are so excited to bring in 2021 and all the changes that are to come. Keep an eye out, we’re looking for new customizable products all the time, including our recent acceptance as an authorized distributor of BrüMate! We'll be sharing lots of new options after the holidays to help you start the new year out on the right foot.

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