Innovations and Inspirations at the 2023 International APA Expo

Innovations and Inspirations at the 2023 International APA Expo

Our team just returned from the Awards and Personalization Association (APA) Expo in Las Vegas! The conference brought together a diverse group of professionals in the awards and personalization industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to retailers and decorators. We were thrilled to have the chance to learn from experts in the field, network with peers, and discover the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Here are a few of the highlights...

Shana Selected as Opening Speaker and Member of Two Panels

Early on the first day of the conference, Shana and the team fought jet-lag to bring a presentation about "Automating Processes Using Non-Industry Tools."  The discussion focused on how smaller businesses, in particular, may be looking for a few tweaks to improve efficiency without the budget to purchase a full suite of tools. The current trend in low-code and no-code automation tools has opened up many options for non-programmers to build their own software solutions. While these tools are not built specifically for the personalization industry, they offer many opportunities to integrate with existing workflows. The presentation focused on the gradual, iterative approach and methods to identify opportunities for automation, discover/learn the best tool for the job, and test whether it actually benefits the team or not.

Shana also sat on a panel hosted by Epilog Laser about "Attaining and Sustaining Success in the Personalization Industry," and an APA-hosted panel on "How to Leverage and Automate Processes with Non-Industry Software: A Panel Discussion" that continued on the themes of her previous presentation.

These presentations were well-received by the audience, who appreciated the practical insights and actionable advice. Many attendees had questions for Shana and were interested in learning more about how to implement automated systems in their own businesses.

New Tools and Techniques for our Clients

Throughout the conference, there were a variety of informative sessions on topics ranging from product innovation and design to business management and marketing strategies. We also had the opportunity to visit the exhibition hall, which was filled with displays from manufacturers and suppliers showcasing their latest products and services. We were impressed by the level of innovation and creativity on display, and it was clear that the awards and personalization industry is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From laser engraving to rotary engraving, apparel decoration, sublimation, UV printing, outsourcing, automation, and design techniques, there was something for everyone at this event. The vendors and speakers all had a wealth of knowledge to share, and we were eager to soak it all in.

Apparel decoration was a particularly hot topic, and we were excited to learn about new materials in techniques in the screen printing, heat transfer, and embroidery fields. Stop by and chat with us or reach out to to learn more about how we can customize your next round of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, or anything else!

We spent the majority of our time focused on design techniques and streamlining workflows. It was also great to learn about design techniques that can make our products stand out and appeal to a wider range of customers.


Who doesn't love an excuse to hit the strip, right? We played as hard as we worked and took full advantage of our time in the conference capital of the world. This didn't stop us from enjoying the cheesiest (literally and figuratively) elements, too.

Overall, attending the APA Conference in Las Vegas was an incredible experience for our team. We left feeling energized, inspired, and equipped with new knowledge and ideas to bring back to our own work. We look forward to attending future conferences and continuing to learn and grow in this exciting and dynamic industry.

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