Put a Plate on it!

Put a Plate on it!

Hey everyone - Robbie here, Production Manager at Chase Street A&E. I wanted to fill you in on one of our favorite options: custom-designed plates to affix to your gift or award.
Every so often a client brings in a treasured heirloom, classic gift, or vintage award looking for customization or personalization. They may be unsure of how to embellish this valuable item. At Chase Street A&E we're honored when you come through the door and ask us to be a part of that memory, and our top priority is making sure it's protected.
When we come across an item that we would not want to risk directly engraving, the best solution is a custom metal or acrylic plate. A lot of times the simplest look is the most classic look. Whether its a small plate or a large one, it can truly enhance the appearance of the item and the remembrance associated with it.
We have hundreds of font options (we recommend selecting from Google Fonts) and just about any color available in metal or durable acrylic. Drop us a line with the specifics of your project and we'll be happy to start working up a quote before you even make the trip to visit us. We can also work up a design mockup for you and ship at-cost if you're outside the local area.
To get an idea of pricing, check out:

Additionally, we frequently have requests for urn engraving. We've found that many of the urns purchased online are made from alloys that make it difficult to predict how the material will react to processing. Because urns are very personal and have emotional importance, we choose not to risk engraving them. However, we offer a variety of urn medallions and other memorials that you can use to honor the memory of a loved one.

Please reach out anytime to sales@chasestreetae.com to let us know what you're looking for, and we'll help you research the best solution.

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