Virtual Pep for Back to School

Virtual Pep for Back to School

Hey guys, Robbie here – resident engraver and apparel decorator at Chase Street Accessories & Engraving in lovely Mount Vernon, Baltimore. It’s almost that time of year for "back to school." For many that may mean the classroom is a living room, recess is a backyard, and the principal's office is the dining room. But you can still hold a virtual pep rally like The Catholic School of Baltimore did last academic year! At Chase Street A&E we can embellish just about anything to help make events like this festive. Need a backpack emblazoned with your name? Sure! Pencil case? You got it! Varsity jacket? Of course! We can even design a trophy or award for your team and ship it directly to team members to minimize social contact. Participation trophies actually mean something right now because staying engaged in a virtual environment is no easy task.

Going into our second year of business, we've taken pride in working with some of the prestigious educational institutions in our city, including the Baltimore Leadership School, Johns Hopkins, and The University of Maryland. One thing I learned working on those projects is that putting a little extra effort into custom recognition really shows you care and makes the recipient feel extra proud of their work. We love being able to offer personalized awards, gifts, and apparel that your classmates, teacher, or students will proudly show off. Give us a call at 833-33-CHASE, send us an email at, or stop in today and let us show you how we can create custom recognition for those around you.

Side note: I personally like to see my name on everything (underwear may or may not be included, because yes we do embroidery, and why not?) Whether you're prepping custom supplies for a new academic year, or you are trying to make a workspace your own, Chase Street Accessories & Engraving can help you do just that.

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