DIY Acrylic Face Shield Kit


This do-it-yourself kit includes pre-cut .030" impact modified clear acrylic and 15 inches of half-inch elastic to assemble your own durable light-weight face shield. The acrylic will still be in its plastic coating for maximum protection during shipping and maximum enjoyment of peeling the plastic off. 

The acrylic shield will provide an extra layer of protection when combined with a fabric face covering. It's also a more comfortable, breathable option when you're well-distanced from other people but still want a barrier in place. It's also great as protection from dust if you're working on a fun project at home!

To assemble, just thread the elastic through the pre-cut holes in the shield. You can view a PDF of complete instructions for assembling the face shield, or check out one of the many assembly videos on YouTube.  The material is manufactured in the USA and is easily cleanable. This shield is based on the open-source design developed by the NYU COVID-19 Task Force.

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