Custom Embroidery

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving Custom Embroidery Services

Need personalized apparel or branded merchandise? We offer custom embroidery! Our pricing:

  1. The first time you bring us a design, we charge a $49.99 digitizing fee. This includes a virtual proof to guarantee the layout is exactly what you want.
  2. For each item, the base charge is $9.99 up to 10,000 stitches.
  3. For each item, an additional 1,000 stitches costs 99 cents.


  • For embroidery of a logo under 10,000 stitches on a single item, the total  would be $59.98 (49.99 setup + 9.99).
  • For embroidery of a logo under 10,000 stitches on ten identical items, the total would be $149.89 (49.99 setup + 9.99 x 10).
  • For embroidery of a medium 15,000-stitch design on a single item, the total would be $64.93  (49.99 setup + 9.99 base charge + .99 x 5).
  • For embroidery of a medium 15,000-stitch design on ten identical items, the total would be  (49.99 setup + 9.99 x 10 + .99 x 5 x 10).

We often offer a discount for large quantities, as well. To get an exact quote, please email with the following information:

  • Attach the Image you want embroidered
  • The size desired
  • Quantity
  • Description of the item being embroidered. To browse our collection of apparel, headwear, and bags, please visit our special order catalogsNote: if you are bringing your own item(s), we require at least one extra to test the pattern.

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving Embroidery Stitch Count Examples

Have any additional questions? Reach out to us at 833-33-CHASE,, or via the form below.