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Shana Kayne Beach

Shana Kayne Beach, Owner and Project Lead at Chase Street Accessories & EngravingShana's first exposure to the awards and personalization industry was when she worked in an engraving shop in high school. She quickly realized that almost no one buys trophies when they're in a bad mood and loved working with all the technology and design theory involved in creating products for customers. After high school, Shana went on to earn a BFA in Industrial Design and a MA in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas, and a MS in Computer Science from Dakota State University. She also chose to join the U.S. Air Force and served overseas in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation INHERENT RESOLVE. Eventually she realized she wanted to return to creative pursuits, and with the help of her husband Chris opened Chase Street Accessories & Engraving.

As the majority owner and project lead for Chase Street A&E, Shana focuses on keeping all processes running smoothly. Thanks to her military career, she drives the team crazy with checklists and processes to ensure the most efficient and effective customer service possible. Her undergraduate design training allows her to oversee all custom work to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Finally, her experience in computer science and web development means the Chase Street A&E website is built in-house and hand-tailored to the needs of clients. In March 2021, she earned her Certified Recognition Specialist certification through the Awards and Personalization Association. She is an active participant in the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Visit Baltimore, and the Mount Vernon Belvedere Association business committee.

In her spare time, Shana enjoys traveling the world and practicing her (limited) Spanish and Hebrew skills. She also loves crashing on the couch with her husband Chris, their dog Oy, and their cat Anubis to binge-watch Netflix/Hulu/HBO. When the work schedule permits, she also has the ability to waste endless hours playing Civ V, Skyrim, Minecraft, and the Fallout series, but sometimes she takes a break to beat Chris at Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Chris Beach

Chris Beach, Owner at Chase Street Accessories & Engraving

Chris originally hails from the great plains of Kansas. It was there he developed an interest in building hairspray-powered potato cannons. His crowning achievement in those days was launching a potato nearly 500 feet into a neighboring pasture. Naturally, those interests led to him starting a career in healthcare information technology on the island of Oahu. In 2017 Chris moved to Baltimore (for the second time), and he and his wife Shana have fallen in love with the city and their neighborhood of Mount Vernon. He currently splits time between his day job at a local health care organization and his role as part owner of Chase Street A&E.

Chris’s favorite thing about working at Chase Street A&E is experimenting with the equipment and learning new techniques. Countless objects have ended up in the "oopsie box" thanks to his dedication to learning. When he isn’t working with the machines, he is busy maintaining and updating the workspaces to suit the changing needs of the business. Furniture has been assembled, outlets have been wired, equipment has been leveled, and drywall has been sanded. For this and many other reasons, Chris is grateful that he works with a group of truly magnificent people who possess unlimited patience for noise, fumes, dirt, and fart jokes.

Chris is excited to see Chase Street A&E grow as a business and looks forward to seeing more of the unique projects that come through the shop. He hopes to one day be able to work in the shop full time, and if we're being honest, it would be nice to finally break the 500-foot mark with a potato cannon.

Robbie Marcouiller

Robbie Marcouiller, General Manager and Design Lead at Chase Street Accessories & Engraving
Robbie, a.k.a. "Bo," first entered the industry in 2018. What began as a chance encounter with Shana and Chris during their first months as neighbors in the city quickly blossomed into a friendship that supports each other like family. Born and raised in Queens, New York City in the 80’s, Robbie’s career started out in medicine with a degree in nursing before going back to school for information technology in upstate New York. In 2006 he met his husband Shawn while exploring work as a physician assistant when Shawn suffered a work injury. These events set both on a different trajectory, and ultimately moved them to Baltimore 18 months later.

As the general manager and lead designer, Robbie’s primary focus is translating Shana's processes and direction into unparalleled client satisfaction. If Shana is the brains of the operation, "Bo" is the heart. As the dominant presence in the showroom, he interacts with the clients the most, and ensures every customer receives the attention and quality they deserve. He views the mission of the shop as taking a memory and creating an tangible representation of the story, which he is honored to be a part of. Robbie is currently working on his Certified Recognition Specialist certification with the Awards and Personalization Association and is an active participant in several community and maker organizations such as Open Works and Made in Baltimore.

In his spare time, Robbie likes to hang out with his dog Vasiliy and his husband Shawn. Lazy days are the best days for video games and cooking up comfort food for his family. He also enjoys a good book when time allows. His favorite hobby has quickly evolved into fashion and apparel decoration, so you can often find him in the workshop working on embroidery or apparel -- even on his day off.

Lauren Stoll

Lauren Stoll, Accounts Manager at Chase Street Accessories & Engraving

Lauren grew up in a tiny beach town in Florida where her passion for small business was ignited. It wasn’t all fun and sun, as she was growing up she assisted with running her father’s air conditioning company, and still does. Lauren stays attuned to advancing workflow technologies, customer service, and painstaking attention to administrative tasks that no one but she seems to enjoy.

After graduating high school she decided the best way to continue to help the family would be to get an education in business. This brought Lauren to New York City to pursue her education (what better place to learn about business?). She received her BS in Economics from the Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Lauren spent six years around the city working in various restaurants and cafes while pursuing her education. After finishing her degree she relocated to the Baltimore area to be with her partner-in-crime, Cory.

Lauren joined the Chase Street A&E family in the summer of 2019 when the shop received press coverage of a pro-Baltimore design, which the team warmly refers to as "mugmaggedon." The team already knew she had an unparalleled work ethic and knack for customer service, as she had previously built a friendship with Robbie and Shana while working at the Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon with Robbie’s husband Shawn.  Lauren’s background in QuickBooks and accounting turned out to have long-term value to the team.

In her spare time you can find Lauren lingering around cafes in Mount Vernon, or trying out one of our many great restaurants with Cory. They also tend to spend quite a bit of couch time binge watching shows with their little fur-child, Chum. You will probably see Chum, a super fluffy cat, around the shop as Lauren tries to put her picture on anything she possibly can! She may be a certified future cat lady!

Delia Hannon

Hailing from southern New England, Delia is the newest designer on the team.

She has been a working artist since she was fifteen years old, where she took her first private client commission, and has been working in the field since. She recently finished her Bachelor’s in art history and illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She specializes in hand lettering, surface/pattern design, illustration, print layout, and typography.

With over five years of experience with industry standard software, an in-depth knowledge of design best practices, and a sharp eye for color and composition, she brings a keen artistic eye to the Chase Street team, alongside her freelance practice. Her work is viewable at and on her Instagram, @theartofdkhannon, as well as on her Etsy TheArtOfDKHannon.

In her free time, she roller skates, collects vintage clothes, and assists in her cat’s plan for world domination.

Jordan Levine

Jordan Levine is the newest technician on the team. In his spare time, he's a designer and notebook maker and the founder of WonderBooks. He loves to create fun images and products that are aesthetically pleasing and useful.

He’s taught screen printing, design, and book binding at places like the Baltimore Museum of Industry and Towson University, and is a part of the Made in Baltimore Program.