7" Wooden Crab/Lobster Mallet

Need to find a present for your favorite crab or lobster lover? This 7" mallet will look great in their kitchen once you add your personalized text, design, or logo. It's the perfect favor for a backyard crab fest, whether for a wedding, family reunion, or office retreat.

A must-have for any seafood dinner, this 7" wooden mallet makes short work of your favorite shellfish without damaging the meat! It is made from natural wood and is a great way to add some fun to any seafood meal. Nothing exemplifies summer more than a crab feast! Picking crabs is just as much about joining together a group of people to laugh and share stories, as it is about eating delicious crabs. Picking crabs evokes a sense of community, and for many East Coast (especially Maryland and Baltimore) inhabitants, it is a way of life. 

$8.99 USD