"Flower Mart 2021" Cork Planter Trivet


Are you attending Baltimore's "Flower Mart at Home" in 2021? Don't forget to pick up a souvenir commemorating this historic virtual gathering! The beloved Flower Mart at Mount Vernon Place will be an online event featuring a marketplace of local vendors offering flowers and plants, arts and crafts, and food and beverages. Chase Street A&E is proud to have been selected as an artisan vendor. More updates are available on the Facebook event page.

This 7" cork trivet compliments standard pot sizes and is wonderful for protection against marks. Trivets protect floors and surfaces from scratches and water damage, so you can grow potted plants without worry.

Because cork is taken from only the bark of the tree, it is one of the most highly renewable resources on the planet, making it a great green alternative to other woods. Cork offers beauty and durability and can be engraved to a stunning black contrast.