Monogrammed Mink Touch Luxury Blanket

Pamper yourself at the spa, resort or at home in this luxurious micro mink fleece blanket that will keep you warm and cozy.

  • 50" W x 60" L
  • 8.8 oz./yd², 100% polyester
  • Faux plush micro mink fleece
  • Fully hemmed edges
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Vinyl zippered bag with pocket for card

Embroidered monograms will be limited to 3" wide and 4" height, which will be maximized based on your font selection and letter choice.

Are you tired of blankets that are as boring as watching paint dry? Then you need our Monogrammed Mink Touch Luxury Blanket - it's so soft, it's like being hugged by a cloud made of marshmallows! This blanket isn't just a pretty face - it's also customizable with your own monogram. So why settle for a plain old blanket when you can have one that's as unique as you are? You'll feel like a fancy-schmancy celebrity with this personalized luxury item. Our blanket comes in a variety of colors to suit any mood and it's big enough to wrap yourself up in like a burrito.

But wait, there's more! This blanket is super easy to care for, so you don't have to worry about any high-maintenance nonsense. Just toss it in the wash and you'll be snuggling up with your marshmallow cloud in no time. So if you want a blanket that's as cozy as a warm hug and as unique as a unicorn, you need this blanket. It's the ultimate snuggle buddy for any couch potato or bed-bound binge-watcher. Don't miss out!

$49.50 USD