Mr. Trash Wheel Kinetic Pin

For the devoted fans of Waterfront Partnership's Mr. Trash Wheel (a.k.a Mr. Trashwheel)! The wheel really spins! This 1.25" lapel pin will keep you entertained for hours, and is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates true Baltimore character.

From Mr. Trash Wheel is a sustainably powered trash interceptor invented in Baltimore, Maryland by Clearwater Mills, LLC. The project is run by the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative.

THE MR. TRASH WHEEL FAMILY HAS COLLECTED: 1,478 TONS of trash and debris, 721,746 plastic bags, 11,935,098 cigarette butts, 1,231,112 foam containers, 1,161,384 plastic bottles, 4,807 sports balls, a keg, a guitar, and a ball python.

By purchasing this pin, you are helping to remove trash from local waterways before it can reach the Chesapeake Bay through our relationship with the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc. Find out more at