No-Contact Tool


Our laser-cut, keychain-ready, no-contact tool is made of durable 1/8" acrylic in-house (no cheap overseas manufacturing). We've specially designed it to have a soft, grippy handle that will keep it from slipping out of your hand and give you the opportunity to stay "touchless" when out and about. It measures 3.5x2" and will fit in a wallet.

The hook can be used to open doors, while the pointy tip will press buttons that you don't want to touch. There's no way to have perfect health and safety, but this tool will at least put one extra layer between you and the contaminants in the environment. Use it to flush a toilet, carry a light bag, or push payment across a counter without coming into direct contact with surfaces.

The tool comes with your choice of reel clip, lanyard, or ball chain to ensure you always have it handy. This is your new every-day carry (EDC)!

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