Make Mother’s Day Personal

Make Mother's Day Personal

There's less than a week left until Mother's Day! We have many different types of mothers in our lives: moms, grandmothers, spouses, partners, mentors - the list can go on and on. And every mother has a different personality, so gift-shopping for something meaningful isn't always easy. We have a few suggestions to show her that you really thought about her this year. 

  1. Choose a poem that captures your relationship. There are lots of great sites with poetry from every culture, such as The Poetry Foundation.
  2. Find an old photo and give it a modern touch by engraving it onto a gift.
  3. Make her laugh; is there an inside joke that you share with her? Find a way to capture it so that you always have the memory.
  4. Does her name mean something special? Look up the origin and create a gift around that meaning.

We've curated a collection of personalizable gifts that would be great vehicles for any of these messages or thoughts. We can create many of these within a day or two and offer free local pickup at our showroom, so it's not too late to give her something really unique that shows how much you love and respect her.

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