Creative Services

To meet Chase Street A&E’s quality standards, decoration requires vector or high-resolution artwork. If you have a low-resolution image that’s inspired an idea, we offer artwork services to convert the image to a high-quality format. Additionally, we offer creative design services for clients who have a concept or sketch for a project. The resulting files can be used for decoration of product and/or transferred directly to you upon payment.

Chase Street A&E’s creative staff means we are a one-stop shop. We also know the unique requirements for our decoration processes, so any artwork we generate will already be tailored for cost-effective and high-quality processing. We will also keep your files on-hand indefinitely, so you'll be able to use them for any future projects.

To receive an estimate of the time required for your project, please send an email to and attach the best quality file you have available. If you'd prefer to avoid artwork fees, visit our artwork and design requirements page.

$34.99 USD