Custom Engraved Pocketknife - Magic: The Gathering

For your favorite "Magic: The Gathering" player. You can bring an imaginary weapon to life for them in the form of this pocketknife! In the personalization area, enter the name of the weapon and its stats, and it'll be customized to your design. The knife has a 4 1/2" handle and a 3 1/2" blade.

Equip is a keyword ability found on artifacts with the subtype "Equipment". By paying the equip cost, you can attach the artifact to a creature, who is referred to in the text as the "equipped creature". Equipping can only be activated at sorcery speed. When an equipped creature leaves the battlefield, unlike Auras, the equipment remains on the battlefield.

A very practical gift, with a personal twist! This wood or anodized-aluminum handled folding knife is the perfect gift for the partner who isn't the type for a traditional romantic gift. This would be a great groomsman/groom gift at a wedding. It's also a very thoughtful option for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, and any other time you need a unique but elegant gift for a "Magic: The Gathering" lover.

$44.75 USD