The Baltimore Children's Business Fair

The Baltimore Children's Business Fair

Lauren here, Accounts Manager at Chase Street A&E. I wanted to tell you about an awesome event we just had the pleasure of sponsoring by making all of the awards and swag for the Baltimore Children’s Business Fair. We were connected to this great organization via the weekly emails the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce sends out to its members!

We've found that during the pandemic, many events have switched to virtual and needed to send out the awards, favors, and gifts to event "attendees." We're always thrilled to help with a project like this, and BCBF was no different.

We were so excited to assist in this wonderful program serving Baltimore’s youth but we also were honored as judges for the event. We examined the array of business ideas as a team and it was so inspiring to see what these young minds are working towards. We are so grateful to be a part of the community in Baltimore and you can view the complete video of the virtual event below:

I had a special attachment to this project because my father is a small business owner. Growing up and watching him maintain a small business drove my passion for small business. I think it is also important to note how well these children have managed to implement technology into their business. They worked so hard putting together pitch videos, websites, and commercials. They were judged in categories like most original, highest business potential, and best presentation.

Huge congratulations again to the winners and all participants! Seeing all these kids with great ideas, most of which gave back to their communities, starting their own business was exhilarating. They are all so passionate and driven, I really encourage you to watch the video and please check out their products. Who knows, maybe we will carry some in our shop sometime in the future!

Finally, here's a congratulatory message from the Chase Street A&E team:

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