Bring Your Own Items

If you're looking to create a custom award or personalized gift, we recommend selecting something from our site or extended catalogs. Because we know these materials so well, we can guarantee satisfaction with the results of engraving.

However, please feel free to bring in your own items! We'll be happy to help you add a personal touch or logo on the right materials. Here are some common questions we get about engraving on customer-owned items:

  • How much does it cost?
    Custom engraving starts at $29.99 for most designs under 4" x 4" However, some materials take longer to engrave and we can't give an exact quote without seeing the material in-person, so drop it off at your earliest convenience and we'll get back to you ASAP!
  • How long will it take?
    We process most orders within 10 days or fewer. If you need it sooner, we do have rush/express options available.
  • What processes do you use to customize customers' items?
    For most materials, we use a laser-engraving process that burns off the top of the surface, leaving an indent or change in texture. We can also custom-cut heat transfer vinyl and apply it to most surfaces. Additionally, we can use our rotary engraver to carve into the surface of some metals. On some fabric and apparel we also offer embroidery services!
  • Can you engrave an urn?
    We've found that many of the urns purchased online are made from alloys that make it difficult to predict how the material will react to processing. Because urns are very personal and have emotional importance, we choose not to risk engraving them. However, we offer a variety of urn medallions and other memorials that you can use to honor the memory of a loved one.
  • What materials work best for engraving?
    Wood is the most reliable material for laser-engraving. Powder coated tumblers (like Yeti) turn out beautifully as well! Most coated metals can have the top layer removed to leave a shining silver mark underneath. We also have consistent success with thick, non-leaded glass (such as a liquor bottle).
  • Can you engrave bare metal?
    To engrave bare metal, we use a chemical etching process that leaves a permanent black mark. Example.
  • Can you engrave, emboss, or gold-fill leather?
    We engrave genuine leather regularly! The effect is subtle but distinct and you can see an example here. However, we do not offer embossing or color-filling on customer items due to the wide variations in quality of leather.
  • Can you etch glass?
    We are able to laser-engrave thick, non-leaded glass for an etched appearance. Example.
  • What happens if your processes don't work on my item?
    We conduct a small materials test on each item before we process. On extremely rare occasions, a material becomes unpredictable and the results are less than satisfactory. In these cases, we never charge for the processing, but are not responsible for effects on the item itself. Please familiarize yourself with our policies before bringing in your own items.

Have any additional questions? Reach out to us at 833-33-CHASE,, or via the form below.